Starting from BitBox 3.2.9 rev 1 new feature was added to Toyota Denso newGen Type1 (FID: 27) - Virtual reading. Usually, it allows real reading from ECU with P5-CAN bus. But there is an exclusions when real reading is not possible:

  • 1. When "Read protection" was installed while MOD file writing
  • 2. For 2020+ vehicles protection can be made by producer (Toyota/Lexus)

In first case stock files mostly collected and we will add them to server by request.

Second case is more complicated. Stock file cannot be read directly and you have to send ECU to us for file extracting. It takes 1-2 days depends on our load.

SW list was already extracted and loaded to server on 18.04.2020:

89663-06S40 - found just 1 ECU with this protection.